Making the cut


By 9 am., 18-year-old Nathan Behnke is still trying to wake up. Getting up at the crack of dawn has by far been the hardest part of the job. It’s gotten much easier now that he’s almost two months into the job, but still, it’s not easy dressing in the dark.

As the temperatures inch up to a roasting 94 degrees on Tuesday, he and co-worker Keeley Adams are taking a much-needed water break before getting back on the riding lawn mowers to tackle the grass outside of Weston County School District admin building.

Behnke and Adams, a 27-year-old special education para-professional and volleyball coach during the school year, constitute the two-person summer facilities and operation grounds crew. Adams is a veteran with three years under her belt, which earns her supervisory status over Behnke, who she admits she doesn’t mind bossing around.


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