Ladies finish even again


For the second consecutive game, the Lady Dogies finished in a 2-2 overtime tie as they hosted the Torrington Lady Trailblazers last Thursday in their home opener. Head coach Bryce Hoffman admitted another tie was not what he and his squad was shooting for, but the play of his young team was encouraging so early in the season.

“Ending in a tie does leave you with a little bit of an empty feeling,” Hoffman began. “But I saw a lot of really good things from the girls – especially in the second half – that I’m pretty excited about.”

Admittedly, it did take a minute for the ladies to get started. Though they were able to get off a couple of shots on goal right out of the gate, neither found the back of the net. Then a couple of uncharacteristic errors allowed the Trailblazers to capitalize and take a 2-0 lead heading into the half.


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