It is time for Democrats to work with the majority


Dear Editor,

What has happened to the Democrats?

I can remember 19 elections from 1940, and there has never been a reaction like this.

When Nixon lost to Kennedy because of vote buying in Chicago, there was little controversy and the country went on. Does anyone remember riots then? The Republicans were in the minority for many years and they did not have a mission to oppose the Democrats. Instead, they worked together to pass legislation to benefit the country.

Trump may not have been the best qualified person to be president, but neither was Hillary, nor have most of the past people who were elected to the job. If there were some set qualification for president, we would still get poor ones. Our Congress is no better, and that is because of the way our country is set up. It is designed to be run by the people, for the people. People have to grow into the job. Some do and some don’t.

The Democrats were so sure of winning they never thought of the alternative, and so they try everything to oppose the government. There have been few times in the past when the dominant party had a 60 vote majority so we have always had compromises, but not his year.

The Democrats accuse Trump of being fascist, but they are the ones using fascist methods. It is an insult to liberals to call the Democrats liberal. They want to label themselves progressive, whatever that means. The term liberal implies a willingness to listen to and evaluate ideas.

The Democrats have such a visceral hate for Trump that that they cannot focus on anything else.  Don’t they know that hate destroys the hater?

The only program the Democrats have is to oppose Trump. Have they ever tried to put forth any kind of constructive ideas? During the Obama years, the Republicans at least tried to introduce ideas, but they were continually stopped by Harry Reid.

The best path for the Democrats would be to try to work with the Republicans to build the country with a better system.

—Don Thorson


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