Innovative technology helps students stay in classroom


Weston County School District #1 recently invested in new innovative technology that will allow students to attend school — whether they are in their classroom or not.

The Beam is a system for remote communications that will primarily be used to allow students unable to attend school to still be present in their classes. Using the technology, students will have the ability to “beam in” from home — or wherever they have Wi-Fi capabilities, be it through their computer or their smartphone. The Beam, a robot of sorts no bigger than a person, goes to class for the student, and the student has control of the robot in the classroom from their device.

In essence, the communication system is like Facetime or Skype for the student while the Beam goes to class and transmits school lessons and activities home. For instance, students can zoom the Beam over to a small group in class and work with their peers on a project, or move close to the smartboard for easier viewing through the device.


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