I prefer capitalists over bureaucrats


Dear Editor  

Jerry Baird continues to castigate capitalists but why.  People who invent something or provide a service which the public wants, become capitalists when what they produce becomes popular.  The more popular the product becomes the richer the producer becomes.  Is there something bad about that?  If they charge too much the public does not have to buy the product or someone else will invent a cheaper substitute.

The economies of the world survive on capitalism which grew because of the freedoms which we enjoy in the US.  It spread worldwide because other countries could see the benefits but many of these countries tried to control the companies which diminished their effectiveness.  Government control generally leads to a poorly run company.

When the leaders of companies abuse their position they generally do not last long.   It is interesting that some of the leaders of the biggest companies are among the leaders of the progressive movement.  Virtually all of the leaders of the large tech companies are also very active in left orientated policies and are very notable capitalists.

Don Thorson 


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