Hospital will streamline X-ray process


In order to streamline the process of having both X-ray and CT scans read, Weston County Health Services plans to eliminate one of the picture archiving or communication systems they are currently using, a move that is expected to save money as well as time.

CEO Maureen Cadwell explained that in the past, WCHS was using a radiology group out of Gillette, and the NOVAPACS system was used to both store and transmit the scans to be read. While working with the company out of Gillette, however, WCHS experienced issues getting reads of the scans back in a timely manner, and the medical staff decided to switch to using Dakota Radiology out of Rapid City.

While making the change to Dakota Radiology, WCHS decided to keep the NOVAPACS system they were using, but they were also required to get the PACS system used by Regional Health. According to Cadwell, using both systems required the x-ray technician to enter the patient data into both and that proved cumbersome.


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