Hog wild


Livestock sale benefits cancer research

Nik Runyan for NLJ

When eight-year-old Madi Pitts sold her 260 pound hog at the Weston County Fair’s Youth Livestock Sale last month, it brought more per pound than any other animal on an evening when locally raised market stock always brings top dollar. The money generated from the sale will benefit a worthy cause, but the real value in the sale may be that it allowed a pair of families to make a difference in the fight against a disease that has impacted both.

Madi’s grandmother, Cheryl Pitts, was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. According to Madi’s father, Shaun, his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, and had gone in for surgery at the end of May. Pitts decided to move his mother, a retired teacher, into their home to help care for her. Cheryl shared a room with her granddaughter, Madi, who had a bunk bed in the room. Madi took the top bunk and her grandmother took the bottom.


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