Hitting their stride


With the Conference Meet only a week and a half away, head Dogie cross country coach Kathy Beehler’s ladies and men have short time left to get their race down pat.

Last Thursday the squad faced a Sturgis course that presented both speed and training terrain, and did so in warmer weather than they would have liked. At first glance, Beehler was concerned to see slower times from her runners, but when compared to the field overall, things weren’t as bad as she feared.

“Sturgis is really a gentle and rolling course for the most part, but there is one really big, long, challenging hill,” she began. “There is where times really suffered, and it looked like the field in general – from Rapid City to this week – were about 30-45 seconds slower. I feel like if we were in that range, then we were probably even with the rest of the field in comparison.”


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