Historic walk up main stirring old memories


Dear Editor,

Hi Leonard, still enjoying the walk up main street & as we get to the corner of Main & Sumner street, I can relate to what I remember in the time frame of 1934 & through the late 40’s.

In 1934 I was 6 years old & had a broken hip due to being kicked by a horse & was taken to Newcastle to Dr. Wells office.  Dr. Wells & his partner, Dr. Lovelace were housed in a building on Seneca street behind your Cash Ceramics building.  The building was  divided & each room had few pieces of furniture–an examining table & reclining chair.

Neither room had an x-ray machine as there was not room enough.  The x-ray was located in the building across the street from the Chief Hotel.  The building was later an apartment building.  As I needed x-ray, I was carried on a gurney from the Dr. office to the x-ray.  Not too convenient.

While  I was recovering my Mom & I stayed with my Great Uncle Fred Holwell who lived on Woodstock St.  When we needed groceries Mom would call the Washburn-Bettis store & they would deliver.  The delivery pickup truck was painted a Lavender color with yellow wheels.  The make was RIO.  I guess I became an “Old Car”  bug at an early age as I was sure fascinated with that pickup.

My Dad was a good friend of Glen Bettis as they were both on the football team in high school & when in Newcastle we would  sometimes stop at their store.  Mr Bettis let me sit in that pickup once & I was sure that my Dad should get one just like it.  Much too fancy & expensive for farm work.  We never got one.

Now I skip to the 1940’s.  When I started high school there was a large vacant lot beside the Red Owl store.  Several times a carnival came to town & set up on main street between Seneca &  Sumner street.  The vacant lot was for the side shows & games of chance & other things–cotton candy & other money grabbing booths.

I can’t remember too much about the buildings but do recall a barber shop, a pool hall which was for “Advanced Education”  I flunked all four years there.  Next was Oliver’s Feed store.  Around the corner where First State Bank sits was  Cuz Oliver’s feed warehouse.  The Washburn -Bettis grocery store was located on the corner of Main & Sumner Street.

Thanks Leonard for making me remember things that never came to mind until your history walk up the street.

-Jack Holwell


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