Hard to respect the leaders of today


Dear Editor,

As I sit here in Osage, living my last days, all I can do is read as good as I can and write a little. I like Jerry Baird’s letter on February 15. Great! I didn’t vote that thing in the White House, and I am glad. We have over 500 “things” in the White House that are all about I, Me and Mine, plus butt kissers of the ex-politician that turn to soliciting for big companies— all getting paid by government money.

In the Rapid City Journal, the prediction is $30 trillion debt in another 10 years. The White House is full of thievery! I won’t be here to see the end, but it’s coming. In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is the line, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” That’s good advice, but our “elected leaders” don’t follow it.

And then there on Wall Street, when will that balloon burst? I hope I won’t be here to see it. There is another name for inflation— greed. The more some rich people have, the more they want.

I just found out our “President” is a “Draft Dodger.” His bone spurs don’t seem to bother him now. My church says— and the Bible says— honor and respect our leaders. That’s kind of hard to do in this day and age. I hope and pray that the Lord ends it soon.

—Cal Huber


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