Hansen retires after nearly 5 decades


The Hansen and Peck law firm in Newcastle is losing half of its partnership. 

Attorney Don Hansen is in the process of retiring after nearly 50 years, during which time he served as county attorney for 20 years, city attorney for a time, and city judge for another stint of his career. 

“The practice of law in any small town in Wyoming is pretty much general. Like a doctor is a GP (General Practitioner), an attorney is a general practice of law,” Hansen said. 

Hansen started his career in Newcastle after working out of state. He began working locally with Chester Jones and Richard Dumbrill at Jones and Dumbrill, and after a few years, the firm became Jones, Dumbrill and Hansen. Jones retired around 1980, followed by Dumbrill in 1988. Hansen was then on his own for a couple of years until Jim Peck, his current partner, joined him in 1990 to form Hansen and Peck.


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