Gun control makes violence more likely


Dear Editor,

Have you ever been held at gun point while being mugged? If you have not, then imagine it— the fear of death, the terror of never seeing your loved ones again. This feeling is 100 percent horrible.

Did anyone know that the cities and states with the largest number of gun control laws are the places with the largest amount of gun violence? We don’t have gun control in Wyoming, and we don’t want it. Getting rid of gun control would make it easier to defend oneself, deter criminals from mugging and robbing because of more legalized guns on the streets, and thereby lower crime rates in areas for things like robbery and mugging.

Getting rid of gun control would allow people to defend themselves against home invaders and muggers. In cities with lots of gun control, it is just as likely for a guy to get mugged as it is for his wife to tell him that she is pregnant. In cities like that, a person could make him or herself less of a target by purchasing a gun. Once gun control is removed, the common man or woman would be less vulnerable to thieves and muggers. Getting rid of gun control would make it easier for big city people to defend themselves against armed criminals.

This would cause criminals to reconsider their habits of mugging people and robbing stores. If a person has a gun in their house, a burglar is many times less likely to rob that particular house when the person is there. Burglars are cowards who like to make cheap, easy money without getting hurt, so more guns equate to less burglars breaking into your house.

A person with a gun is an undesirable target when you are a mugger. If a particular person can defend themselves via gun(s), then that person is someone who could shoot back against a mugger, deterring them from robbing people. Once the government eliminates gun control, criminals will be deterred from mugging and robbing people.

Getting rid of gun control would force crime rates to drop significantly. Bank tellers would be able to fend off a set of bank robbers when the police are a few miles away.

If a bank teller has a shotgun hidden right behind the counter, no one with a brain is going to want to rob that particular bank. Muggers would become less common because a mugger most definitely does not want to try to (metaphorically) rob an on-duty police officer in broad daylight. Robbing a person with a gun is just plain stupid, so anyone with a brain won’t be mugging anybody anymore. When gun control is abolished, the number of civilians with guns will increase greatly. Therefore, logically, mugging and robbing would become an impractical way of life.

If there are more guns on the street, should that mean that criminals could buy guns easier? No, because anyone with a criminal record of a certain level would have information on the electronic record that says they are not allowed to purchase a firearm.

But what about illegal gun sales? A criminal could get one from there. There are very few of those anywhere, and the police are more than smart enough to connect the dots in order to find and arrest people who run places like that.

The cities/states with the most gun control are the ones with the greatest amount of gun violence. Getting rid of gun control would make self-defense easier, deter criminals from criminal activity, and forcibly decrease crime rates altogether.

—Jacob Elliott

(Ed. note: The preceding letter was written for an assignment in Debb Proctor’s Freshmen English class. Please send any responses to this letter to


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