Grateful to those who have helped along the way


Dear Editor,

As I pass my 70th year, it pauses me to reflect on my current condition. Despite several back surgeries with mobility limitations and daily discomfort, I am grateful  for the wellness I do possess. This is especially true in the light of the suffering of those around me who have constant pain and the misery of chemo and other medical maladies.

Despite being snowed in at least three times this past winter, I am grateful for the giving neighbors who plowed me out without even asking. While enduring the harsh winds, I am grateful that I even have this beautiful place and neighborhood.

Despite having sometimes vitriolic tongue, I am grateful for those accepting friends who tolerate my misgivings and bluntness.

While I do not have a lot of money or possessions, I am grateful for a simple pension that allows me to live without fear of homelessness.

Many times, I have questioned my leadership abilities, but I am grateful that my peers have elevated me to several positions of trust.

While I was almost a victim of a sophisticated scam, I am grateful for my virus protector and especially the local bank people who helped protect me.

Gratitude only begins to express how I feel about those around me who have tolerated me and helped me along the way.

—Barry Peterson


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