Good for business isn’t good for government


Dear Editor,

Politicians have a bad reputation. They promise one thing, then do another.  Somehow they manage to improve their net worth while our national debt skyrockets so high we may never be able to pay it off. Then they spend some more. By comparison, business men don’t do dumb things like that.

The USA has the biggest economy in the world because of our business men. You can be confident that a businessman will do the right thing.  If one runs for national office, you can vote for him with great confidence.  Well known confidence men include E. Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, Jeff Skilling of Enron fame, and now, the best and most frequent prevaricator of all time.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the Donald’s fault that we are toying with the possibility of nuclear destruction and/or economic upheaval. No, we called this multifaceted catastrophic potential down on ourselves. We allowed, or perhaps encouraged, our political system to degenerate into a battle of the “BS”ers! The best BS’er won.

It seems that, after well over 200 years, our system needs an overhaul. In our Constitution, it is called a Constitutional Convention. The trouble is that the self-serving “bad guys” will have a seat at the table and the altruistic good guys may be outnumbered.

Or, could it be that our representatives no longer represent us?

Have they thrown their lot in with the dark side?

—Jerry Baird


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