Gettinger done


Faith helps family power through cancer scare and succeed

KateLynn Slaamot

For the NLJ

Life has not always been easy for the Gettinger family. Not so long ago, Dan Gettinger was diagnosed with cancer and embarked on a long journey with his wife, Kay, and their three children— Adam, Abby and Anna. Kay told the News Letter Journal that it was a devastating diagnosis, but right from the beginning the family decided that Dan’s cancer would not be their focus.

“This is on our journey to Jesus, and I will walk with you every step of they way.” Kay told Dan after the diagnosis.

As a unit, the family determined they would focus on God and on living one day at a time. Dan continued to work at the Honor Camp while their children have all left home and are off on their own. Adam and his wife Kirsten live in Rapid City. While Adam is going to the South Dakota School of Mines, Kirsten is a first-grade teacher at Hill City elementary school.  Both Abby and Anna are currently attending The University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming, and Kay will soon begin working a new job at the local State Farm Office.


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