General MacArthur would have fixed this mess 


Dear Editor,

I liked President Truman. I thought he was okay, but he made one big mistake. He fired Douglas MacArthur. He shouldn’t have let him go, and we wouldn’t have the mess now.

When I was over there in 1951, I never saw North Koreans. All I saw was Chinese. I still have Chinese scrap metal in my body, not North Korean. There wouldn’t be a communist North Korea. They would be one Korea like Vietnam, which we lost. Maybe China would not be communist either. Who knows?

And on the home front, I’m sure everybody is aghast at the price of food, and the quantity of some. Less and less, but the  price stays the same, or is raised.

There is one that really gets me. And that is Van Camp “Pork” and Beans. No pork, fewer beans and more tomato sauce that has been watered down. They used be about 3 for $1.00. Then several years ago there was a shortage of pork and beans, and the price tripled. Surprise!

The working man gets it in the butt again. And I believe the can went from 16 oz. to 15 oz., a double rip-off. Low income people and retirees get hit bad. And meat is outrageous.

And then we have Osage— sewer charge $25 per month and water is $65 per month. Outrageous!

—Cal Huber


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