From a Bakery to the Cleaners


The history of block 7, lot 19

The News Letter Journal continues the History on Main Series with Leonard Cash as we cover block 7, lot 19, of Newcastle’s downtown. To begin, courthouse records date back to May 23, 1891, when the Lincoln Land Co. granted the land to Milton W. Walton. A miscellaneous record then followed up on the land’s proceedings, as the estate was turned over to Walton’s wife, Zelinda Walton, who then sold to Grover C. Taylor in June 1919. Oddly enough, the record was not filed until 1945, but Cash said delayed recordings were not uncommon for the times.

The Sanborn Maps indicate that the land was vacant until around 1920, which makes sense because Taylor was a local barber in town who likely had his shop on the premises. However, as of April 8, 1924, courthouse records of a sheriff’s deed show that Grover C. Taylor and Christine J. Taylor, husband and wife, turned the property over to Pete Cristo.

According to Cash, Cristo was a native of Jugo Slavia (Yugoslavia). Cristo tried to come to the U.S. in the early 1900s, but was sent back. He then worked in England for about nine years, during which time he did not see his wife and kids. Cash said he eventually made his way to the States and became the first baker in Cambria before moving on to Newcastle about 1919. Cash added that Cristo’s wife and children joined him in Newcastle, and both he and his wife are buried in Hot Springs, S. D.


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