Flag protests are just another distraction


Dear Editor,

As usual, our attention is being incessantly focused on more controversial issues such as the ballplayers taking the knee during the anthem. Whether one sees it as unpatriotic or not, the mission has been accomplished. The people once again have been divided into opposing camps with no chance of reconciliation.

Turn off the brain and respond with vitriol. Attention diverted.

While this occupies the senses no one is paying attention to the situation in Puerto Rico that barely gets a passing mention. How many people know that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but are NOT allowed to vote in our presidential elections— same with the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Aid can’t reach the people there due to the Jones Act, which only allows U.S. registry ships to dock in. This act was temporarily suspended to service Texas and Forida after the hurricanes, but the U.S. resisted extending that same suspension for Puerto Rico until today (September 28).

All aid proffered just services the debt. With greedy corrupt banksters, venture capitalists, and unsuspecting complicit U.S. bond holders continually driving up their debt, plus resistance to allowing bankruptcy, Puerto Rico is now in danger of privatization of their last major resource, the electric company. Ownership of their country is successfully being outsourced.

But all is well, out of sight out of mind, God looks the other way when we’re doing business.


Try watching the other side of the stories on channels 279 & 280, 9415 on Dish, and 321 on Direct TV.

—Sundai Balander


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