Firing squads are the best deterrent to crime


Dear Editor,

The death penalty is used when a life-taking crime or rape is committed, and the criminal will normally be met by a death squad. By knowing why the death penalty is used, when it is used, and what people do to earn the death penalty, a person can form their own opinion on the death squad.

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is used in 34 of the 50 states. A criminal will be killed by a firing squad or death squad after they commit a crime. The firing line is usually five men with a loaded rifle. The five men are each given a rifle, two of which have blanks that are just gunpowder in a shell with no projectile. Three have a real live round in them. This is so one does not know which shooter actually killed the criminal. The death penalty is mainly used to keep fear in people so nobody commits a terrible life-taking crime. This is because a person won’t want to commit a crime when they know that they would get shot if caught. As a result, the states with capital punishment have seen lower crime rates in their communities.

When a capital crime is committed is when the death squad is used, especially treason against your country, but when treason is committed they will use ten men in the firing squad. The death penalty has been around since 1608 in the colonies. That was the first it was recorded in the Americas, but was most likely used even before then.

A criminal must commit a capital crime such as espionage, treason, murder committed during a drug-related drive-by shooting, murder during a kidnapping, murder for hire, genocide, and certain levels of rape. If one commits this crime in one of the 16 states that doesn’t allow capital punishment, they will most likely get sentenced to life in prison or get killed humanely with injections, instead of being shot by a death squad.

The firing squad, death squad, or capital punishment should be used in all states. It lowers crime rate in the 34 states its allowed in. It is cheaper to do than injections that are bought and stored. Some of these injection expire and cannot be used anymore, wasting thousands of dollars.

If someone kills another person they should be killed themselves.

—Connagher Testerman

(Ed. note: The preceding letters was written for an assignment in Debb Proctor’s Freshman English class. Please send any responses to this letter to


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