Fire restrictions in effect despite rainfall


Abby Gray

NLJ Correspondent

Weston County has been under an open fire ban since July 6, by declaration of the Weston County commissioners, along with Fire Warden Daniel Tysdal. The County Fire Protection District and the Bureau of Land Management also declared a fire ban, effective July 6.

Though Newcastle and surrounding areas have gotten a great deal of rain this summer, Tysdal said, the level of rain has supplied a lot of what he called one-hour fuel. Grass is one of those, meaning it only takes one hour for the moisture to escape from the grass and the grass to become dry fuel for a fire.

“Our fuel load is phenomenal,” Tysdal said. “The amount of moisture we’ve had has created an abundance of grass, and even with the rain there is seasonal drying. If something were to get started, I think we’ll have our hands full with just the sheer amount of fuel we have.”


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