Farah store kept up with the fads


Dear Editor,

I have been very interested in  Leonard’s history of places and buildings in Newcastle. I am one of very few that can recall some of the people and events that happened in the area between l940 and the early 90’s.

In reference to the Farah clothing store and the Farah family, my Mother was a close friend of Mary Farah and visited her often. Until I was 10 years old, I was afraid of Mr. Farah as he was hard for me to understand. He spoke a foreign type of language, and he always had a twisted type of cigar that you could smell walking past the store.

When I got into high school the clothing fad for boys was jeans with a cuff and black and white checkered jacket. I wanted a jacket like that and Farah’s store was the only place in Newcastle that had one my size. I bought it and took it home to show my mom. It smelled so bad that she washed it several times. Even so, when I wore it everyone knew where I bought it.

Rose Farah worked in First State Bank for a number of years and she was very personal and efficient. Mr. Farah was a tall dark man with a big mustache and always wore a dark hat.  When they closed the store, I bought several items of clothing such as ladies button shoes and other pieces of clothing.

At the time Newcastle and the Lions Club were involved with a “Play Maker” group that were producing  some very good productions that were in need of period clothing and I gave it all to that group.

As you can see, I have always had a love for Newcastle and the people and events. Keep up the good work, Leonard.

—Jack Holwell


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