Electricity: A force to be reckoned with


Local home struck by lightning in last week’s storm

Bri Brasher for NLJ

The storm that dumped copious amounts of rain on Weston County on Monday— and tossed a few things around in the wind— wasn’t as ferocious as the forecast indicated it would be, but a less anticipated storm that rocked Newcastle a week earlier left an impact on one family that is still being felt.

Local dance teacher, Jessica Graham, and her family are crossing their fingers that the old saying “lightning never strikes the same place twice” holds true for them after a bolt of electricity from the sky struck the power pole outside of the Graham’s home during the storm that swept through the area on Monday, June 5.

“Electricity is a force to be reckoned with,” Graham said with a combined sense of wonderment and fear. “I am so thankful we didn’t catch on fire, and so thankful we didn’t lose the house.”


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