Departure of Manor staff is concerning


Dear Editor,

My wife Marlys was in the Weston County Manor for four years. I paid $7,000 a month to have her there.

I couldn’t take care of her. The money never bothered me. All I wanted was to have the best care for her, and she did get the best care from the doctors, nurses, and C.N.A.’s. They were all angels to her and me.

I think about five outstanding nurses and some C.N.A.s have left the Manor. You cannot have unhappy people working at the Manor. I have been going to the Manor for over six years to visit the nurses, the C.N.A.s and residents. I have never met the head nurse or administrator, but the people who I have talked to are not happy with that position. In my opinion, there needs to be a change.

The residents come first and we need happy and caring people who work there. Thanks for listening to me. These are my true feelings about this. I have talked with the hospital board, but I think it fell on deaf ears.

I really care about the Manor and the people who work there.

—Homer Hastings


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