Crime writer pays a visit


By KateLynn Slaamot

A chamber coffee and book signing were held at the Weston County Library on Friday, January 19, when author C.M. Wendelboe hosted an event and brought many books to sign for fans.

Poor as a child and with no opportunity to do sports or go to camps, Wendelboe told local readers that he spent a lot of his time at his local library, reading. He also started writing short stories early on in life, and has been writing for about 45 years, but he hasn’t always been a published writer.

After becoming an adult, Wendelboe was in the Marines, and after leaving went into law enforcement. He worked in federal and tribal law, and later moved to Gillette, where he was a Sheriff’s Deputy for over 25 years. He was also a firearm instructor at the local college, and became a Patrol Supervisor before retiring to follow a career in writing.


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