Counting Steps


Lee Bergstrom isn’t sure what all the fuss is about or why anyone would be interested in hearing her story. 

“Why me?” she wants to know as she feels her way along the edge of the counter through the dining room at Weston County Senior Center. It’s cinnamon roll morning, and she has work to do as she makes her way into the kitchen.

“Don’t even think about taking my picture,” she says over her shoulder as she busies herself with a plastic bin full of tableware. 

It takes some doing to convince the 90-year-old, legally blind woman that not only is it pretty amazing that she still works five days a week, it’s even more incredible that she does it all without being able to see. She also is a fashionista with a personality to match, that not only appeals to her friends and family, but also seems to draw a crowd.


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