Council favors city support of special events


“Why do you have to make it so complicated to have special events? Why are you trying to make people jump through all these hoops to have events that will benefit our community?” Mayor Deb Piana asked the city’s engineer, Mike Moore, at the July 2 Newcastle City Council meeting. 

Piana’s question was part of a discussion about special events in the community – from the number scheduled in the year to the cost associated with the events. According to Moore, roughly 14 special events are or were scheduled for 2018 and several requests, from additional garbage cans to use of the local parks, come through the city to help make the events successful. 

The discussion was sparked by the News Letter Journal’s publisher and editor, Bob Bonnar, who addressed the council about “misleading information” concerning a special event hosted by the newspaper. Bonnar said that any concerns with an event hosted by him should have been directly discussed with him and not after he left the June 18 council meeting. 


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