Why isn't the simplest solution best this time?

Guest View - Riverton Ranger

 We human beings, with our big brains, our memories, our abilities to react and adapt, and the subtleties of our reasoning powers, also have a striking capacity for ignoring the obvious.

We think nothing of putting on a pair of sunglasses when it’s bright outside.

If the pavement is too hot, we don’t walk barefoot over it.

If it’s 10 below zero outside, we put on a coat, or we turn on the heater in the car, or both.

If we’re taking a casserole or a cookie sheet out of the hot oven, we protect our hands with a hot pad or an oven mitt. It’s common sense. We’d get burned otherwise.

If we cut a finger or scrape a knee, we’ll look for a Band-Aid.

If we have a headache, we take an aspirin. Sprained ankle? Where’s the ice pack?

If the coffee is too hot, then we wait for it to cool – without consulting a blog, or reading a statement from the governor.

If we have a runny nose, we keep a tissue handy. If our hands are dirty before dinner, then we wash off the crud.

If the family doctor says the ol’ cholesterol is too high, then we take the pill as prescribed. If we have one kind of diabetes, we lower the potato chip intake.

If we have the other kind, then we take insulin (and go easy on the chips then, too).

If we don’t understand the algebra problem, we pay attention, study up and do better.

If the picture is blurry, we take more time to focus.

If we knock over a glass of water, we get a towel and wipe it up. We don’t ask what Donald Trump thinks, or Joe Biden. We just do the right thing.

If we’ve got more things than we can carry at the grocery store, then we find a cart.

If we drop a plate and break it, we reach for the broom – and a frothing cable TV commentator’s opinion is irrelevant to the matter.

If there’s frost on the windshield, we don’t drive until we’ve scraped it off.

And if there is snow on the sidewalk, we find a shovel. Don’t we?

If we’re hungry, we eat. When we’re sleepy at night, we go to bed.

If we’re hot and sweaty after a workout, or mowing the lawn, we drink some water.

If we stink in the morning, then we take a shower, and we don’t forget the deodorant afterward.

If it’s too dark, we turn on the light.

Wyoming’s coronavirus infection count is setting a new record almost every day. Thousands more people are getting sick each week.

The hospitals are filling up.

So are the funeral notices.

If we have a rock in our shoe, then we stop, take off the shoe, turn it over and let the rock fall out.

Then we put the shoe back on and keep going.

We don’t make a big deal of it, because it’s not a big deal. We make the small effort, get rid of the rock, and go forward.

Now, why aren’t you wearing a mask?



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