When memories are made

Sonja Karp

Homecoming is a long lived tradition, and I would venture to say that there is not a whole lot that contends with the memories made in the moments of the week.

School spirit is at an all-time high, the halls are festively decorated and there is a great competitive comradery between the classes.

Each day of the week offers a new opportunity for students and staff alike to don a new persona as they dress up in the theme of the day.

As the everyday expectations of academics and sports/extracurricular activities remain high, students, staff and parents alike embrace the spirit of the week.

As a teacher and a parent of students who experienced this celebration of education, I continue to completely enjoy this week.

Granted, it is a challenge to keep students focused on their classroom responsibilities, and I know how difficult it is to keep your athletes’ concentration on their respective competitions for the week, but you can’t help but revel in how much these kids love this time of year.

As I walked into work on Monday morning, I was more than impressed with the work that had been put in over the weekend to decorate the hallways. From seniors to freshmen, it was obvious that students and class advisors had gone an extra mile to make the week a festive one.

This year, the schedule of fun activities for the kids is so full that coronation of Homecoming King and Queen had no option but to happen on Monday afternoon. With King Kolby Pisciotti and Queen Paige Liggett crowned, the week of merriment began.

Monday night was the Powder Buff football game between the senior and junior girls, coached by their respective male classmates. For those of you who missed it, I am sorry.

The competition was lighthearted and I’m pretty sure every picture I took showed the girls grinning from ear to ear. At the same time, there was a real determination on their faces to give it all they had. 

It was a close one, but the senior girls pulled out the win.

On Tuesday, the senior and junior boys get their opportunity to try their hand at playing volleyball in the annual Powder Buff matchup. As a seasoned official for this matchup, it always presents a fast-paced and entertaining evening of fun.

What I will always love about Homecoming, despite the distractions it presents, is that it brings the student body together. It doesn’t matter what clique you run with or whether you are an athlete or not, every kid who walks the halls is encouraged and celebrated as a Dogie.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures, both as a parent and as a photographer for the paper, and there is nothing better than capturing Newcastle students celebrating the week and making memories that will last long after they leave NHS.


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