We could become a failed state


We could become a failed state

Dear Editor,

We need to address the problem of voter misunderstanding. It is a result of successful efforts by agents of the plutocrats to obfuscate. That’s a method used to harvest votes from those who eschew serious investigation of proposed government programs and/or the motives of those who propose them. To be sure, only calm, clear contemplation of actual, not imagined, facts will yield honest answers or results.

It is a given that capitalism as practiced in the U.S. may not be questioned, but that is wrong. Everything that imperfect man devises is subject to errors and imperfection. Economic and political systems are not immune. It is well known that among both politicians and business capitalists there are the avaricious who are unrestrained by practice, law or custom. The only entity left out of this cabal of the greedy is the taxpayer who carries the burden.  

Working together, the corrupt plutocrat capitalist and the corrupt plutocrat politician find a large variety of ways to misappropriate the working man’s hard earned tax money. Selling to the government unneeded, overpriced “stuff” is but one among many schemes. Wasting the taxpayers money on a variety of “bridges to nowhere” is another. The cost gets added to the national debt which, one way or another, becomes the obligation of the taxpayer. If the capitalists feel a need for a quick infusion of cash they just arrange a war somewhere.  “Winning” is seldom the goal of the war. Spending the taxpayer’s money into the capitalists pockets is the real reason.  

I do not know how to correct this pathetic situation but I hope that out in the population of our country some astute, patriotic citizens or even undocumented foreigners will come to our aid and save us from becoming another “failed state.” I do know that those clever plutocrats have erected many defenses and infected large segments of our population with the lie that this is as good as it gets, and any change will be bad for them.

—Jerry Baird

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