We all want a little bigger piece of the pie


Dear Editor,

From the earliest days of prehistory simple survival has been difficult to achieve.  Consequently, only the most selfish, strongest, cleverest survived to procreate.  

Over centuries these traits intensified and so now we have Apex Predators leading our various “packs” and taking what only they determine to be their share.  After all, it is only natural isn’t it?

There is just one problem with that scenario: Not everyone agrees!  Perhaps that’s why we have wars, elections, conflicts and other forms of disputes.

Nobody  seems to be interested in “fair,” only in “winning.” The winners always brag that it was a fair fight! The losers always enumerate the reasons why it was not!

At first glance it seems that only some form of catastrophe can interrupt that endless merry-go round. The problem may metamorphose into something that only Jerry Brown could recognize, which would not be a bad thing.  

Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and the others had it easy! They had a common enemy — the king!  

Our problem is much more difficult. Everybody involved has their own ax to grind. Everybody wants just a slightly bigger piece of the pie than the others.

—Jerry Baird

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