Way of life endangered by Trump and climate


Dear Editor,

A couple of weeks back Mr Thorson posed a serious question.  That question was, “What has Trump done to me?” (NLJ, August 23, 2018, page 3.)

The short answer is: Made me ashamed of my government and thereby my country.  

He couldn’t resist the childish impulse to set off fireworks. Using one of our multi-million dollar missiles to blow up an empty hanger!  I hope it satisfied his need. It didn’t do anything positive for us or the Syrian people.  

These few weeks into his administration of juvenile antics should serve to warn us that we are in for a rough, disruptive ride. If that was the only problem we could tolerate it and much more. But, if the Democrats fail to rise up and counter this unparalleled threat to our way of life we are in big trouble.  

I wonder why the Republicans sit idly by while an individual with mental abnormalities dismantles our once great country.

And yes Don, we have had “hot spells” before.  

But this is different!  

Basra Iraq recently recorded 129 Degrees. Yes, Iraq is normally quite hot. But people do not build cities in a climate that regularly gets that hot! Are there any cities in the middle of Death Valley, USA?  

We ignore the obvious at our peril!  When Imperial Japan and others threatened our security we put in great effort, recruited many highly educated scientists and spent the necessary time and dollars to invent, build and deliver the bomb that ended the war in the Pacific and halted the advance of the USSR into that region.   

So Don, this is not a “hot spell.”  This is climate change! It is here and it is now. We know what is causing it, and we know what will stop it. We know that if we don’t reverse it, our goose is cooked.  And us along with it! We know that great change will come when we abandon fossil fuels.  We know that our end will come if we don’t.

—Jerry Baird


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