The two sides disagree on the best solution


Regarding Jerry Baird’s last letter (“Way of life endangered by Trump and climate,” September 13, 2018, page 3).  

I am sorry Jerry is embarrased by  our president. I did not like our last president either, but I still believed in our country.

One of the major things Trump has been doing has been to reverse many of Obama’s illegal executive orders. I think the missles were much more effective than Obama’s red line for sending a message to Iraq.  

Regarding the climate, have you ever noticed when record temperatures are given on TV they are often from the 30’s or even older. Was there any problem with CO2 at that time? 

There was a time when Greenland was green with grass and grapes were grown. 

The climate may be warming, but the responsibility does not lie soley with humanity. 

There are no cities in Death Valley because we have so many better places to build. Remember we are still emerging from an ice age.

—Don Thorson

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