The two sides disagree on the best solution


Dear Editor,

Jerry Baird is right in one aspect — that we do agree that Washington is messed up — but we do not agree on the reason or the solution.  (Re: “The two sides agree on more than you think, September 6, 2018, page 3.)

I do not know whether Jerry is a progressive or a socialist because of his antipathy toward capitalists.  Socialists are fortunate because they have the luxury of living from the benefits of those who work hard to make capitalism work until the capitalists decide to quit. Maybe he is just a progressive who is an extreme Democrat.

Jerry obviously does not like President Trump because of what he has done, but has that been anything which is adverse for Jerry? Trump has picked a cabinet of mostly successful people instead of the academics who had very little in the way of accomplishment before they were picked by Obama, who in turn had accomplished nothing during his life before politics.  

What has Trump done that was so bad? 

He has restored the military which Obama was attempting to destroy. Trump has removed or moderated many of the crippling regulations which were emplaced by Obama. Trump has picked a record number of capable judges. Trump has been willing to get the US out of some bad treaties. Trump is at least trying to get some sort of control over North Korea.  

Trump does try to do things which no other president would even attempt.  Trump is trying to overcome the deep state organization which has become a self-perpetuating bureaucracy which wants to run everything.

I do agree that Trump does some really dumb things also, but then who among us does not do things they should not have done?

—Don Thorson

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