Turkeys! Turkeys!

Newcastle Elementary School Kindergartners

Newcastle Elementary School students performed their Thanksgiving Day plays for family and friends last week, much to the delight of family and friends. Following their performances, they shared treats, stories, and the ever-popular Thanksgiving Day recipes (some of which we’ve printed here). At right, Susie Leahy listens to her daughter, Alyssa read a story. 


By Newcastle Elementary School Kindergartners


Go to a store and buy a little turkey. Go home and cook it in the oven. It should just be a little hot. Cook it for four minutes. It is done ‘cause it beeps. Take it our and cut it up and put some stuffing on it. Put it on the table with some macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and some blueberries! Drink some milk – chocolate milk and strawberry milk. Drink juice, too – apple juice, strawberry juice, orange juice, and grape juice.

— Reagan Washburn, 

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class


Go to McDonald’s and buy a turkey, just a little one. It would need to weigh about one pound. Take home and put it in the oven. Set the oven to five. Cook it for six minutes. It is done when the oven rings. I would also cook a meatloaf to go with it. I want us to have strawberries and cantaloupe, too! Cut the turkey up and put it on a really big plate. Put all the food on the table and eat it. When you are done you will have to clean up!

— Lainey Hyatt, Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class



o to a turkey store and buy a turkey. You should  pick out a big one, so we can all share on Turkey Day! Take it home and cook it in the microwave. Put some pepper sauce on it first. Cook it for three hours. It is done when the oven goes beep, beep, beep! You can also eat hamburger and some artichokes, cause I love artichokes!!! You will also need glasses of water to drink and maybe even some milk. That is all!

— Kinley Bunney, 

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class


We would go get a turkey in the forest. My Dad will shoot it and take out the brains, guts, and take off all the feathers. Take it home and cook it. Put it in a pan and put the turkey on top of the stove. We would put some salt and pepper on it and cook it for probably eight hours. You should also cook mashed potatoes, bumpy pickles, corn dogs, and applesauce. When the turkey is done cut it up with a big knife. Put all the food on the table. I will set the table with forks and knives and Sissy will get the plates and cups. I will also get the milk. When you are done you could eat some m&m Monster Cookies.

— Henry Scott, 

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class


Go to the store, buy a turkey. Put some mustard on the turkey, that will make it yummy. Put the turkey in the oven at really hot for 50 hours. When the buzzer goes off, take the turkey out and put it on the table. Put bacon on the table because all kids like bacon. Put scrambled eggs on the table and some chicken. Everyone should come dressed up and ready to play some games.

— Elijah Klemmetsen, 

Mrs. Haynes’ Class


Go to the store, buy a turkey and go home. Help your Mom cook the turkey up. Put some salt on the turkey, pepper, and some pickles and tomatoes. Put the turkey in the oven at 8 degrees for 9 hours. When the buzzer goes off, take the turkey out and put it on the table. Cut the turkey with a knife. You can also serve bread, tomatoes, onions, some fish, shrimp, and some biscuits. After dinner, you can eat a cinnamon roll and some cake.

— Jake Morrill, 


Mrs. Haynes’ Class



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