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Alexis Barker

Stumpff accepts public works supervisor position

After 21 years with the city of Newcastle, Greg Stumpff has officially accepted the position of public works supervisor, after filling the post temporarily in May when Doug Sankey retired. City engineer Mike Moore said that Stumpff was a great fit for the position because of his “vast amount of experience.”

In his 21 years with the city, Stumpff said, he has witnessed many changes and has taken on the duties of several different positions. According to Stumpff, he began in a general labor position after a friend who worked as clerk/treasurer talked him into turning in his application. 

“Actually, the city was looking for a carpenter because they had a building that needed fixed and that was actually what I was doing then,” Stumpff said. “They were looking for that unique skill set.” 

He noted that, since 1997, not only has he completed carpentry work for the city but he has also completed general maintenance and worked on the water systems, sewer lines and streets. He added that he has also filled in as a garbage truck driver, worked backup for the landfill operator, performed street maintenance duties and even mowed a lawn from time to time. 

“The first winter I worked here we put in a 5,000-foot water line to the industrial park,” Stumpff said. “From then, it just kept going with continual projects.” 

Stumpff acknowledged that being employed in the public works department for a smaller Wyoming community is unique because the need to possess knowledge in several areas is significant. 

“A lot of bigger towns have things separated,” Stumpff said, noting that cities like Gillette have separate departments for streets and garbage. 

“There are really a lot of things to know or at least have a working knowledge of,” Stumpff said. 

The knowledge possessed by Stumpff, according to Moore, has benefited the city and made him a perfect fit for the position. 

“His extensive knowledge of the infrastructure, past and history is very beneficial,” Moore said. ”If there is an issue, he generally knows some aspect of what he is looking at. He knows the infrastructure and the people.” 

Moore noted that Stumpff’s knowledge of the city residents is just as important. 

“Greg – he interacts with the public. It is unavoidable; he has to work with the public,” Moore said. “Greg is actually dealing with the actual issues in the field, and Greg is the one that interfaces with the public.” 

Stumpff is also good with the employees he supervises, Moore said. The position brings with it more responsibility than the foreman position Stumpff held previously, according to Moore. 

“There is a load of responsibilities. He has 14 full-time employees that he will be managing on day-to-day tasks,” Moore said. “With that level of supervision comes a lot of responsibility, keeping everyone active and completing the work needed done.” 

Moore added that Stumpff’s stint as a fill-in gave city officials the opportunity to see Stumpff in action, including holding frequent meetings with staff and conducting regular safety meetings for public works employees. 

“Greg is really working hard to grow the safety culture amongst city staff. He is extremely proactive,” Moore said.



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