Preparing for the worst



s first responders, emergency personnel and employees of the Wyoming Refining Company prepare for another week of training and a cumulative incident command scenario, we want to recognize these individuals and groups for everything they do to prepare for any potential emergency. 

While we all keep our fingers crossed, hoping that a severe emergency won’t happen in Newcastle or Weston County, it is comforting to know that if the worst was to happen the people entrusted to respond during these situations are going to be as prepared as possible. 

Not only will employees of the Weston County Sheriff’s Department, Newcastle Police Department, Wyoming Refining Company, Weston County Public Health, Newcastle Ambulance Service, Weston County School District No. 1, the Weston County Children’s Center and Weston County Health Services participate in the trainings throughout the week as well as the drill, volunteers with the Weston County Search and Rescue and Newcastle Volunteer Fire Department will also dedicate time to being better prepared. 

Throughout the days, these individuals will spend hours sitting through incident command trainings of a variety of levels learning about incident command set up and other necessary knowledge needed to respond in serious situations. A cumulation of this knowledge will be used on Thursday, Sept. 19, when the group of emergency responders put their skills to the test in a emergency drill situation.

Through this training, these individuals will learn and practice their skills for initial response to a potential spill or leak, working to contain the spill as quickly as possible. The drill will also include the evacuation of the Newcastle High School and Newcastle Middle School, as well as local actors portraying frustrated citizens. 

The goal, according to Don Steveson, process safety manager for the refinery, is to give these responders experience dealing with the public, giving them the ability to see how they respond in the potentially stressful situation. 

We want to extend thanks to these individuals dedicating hours away from their families, hobbies and personal lives to learn the necessary training to help protect the community in any emergency situation. 

While we are glad they strive to be prepared for the worst, we will continue to keep our fingers crossed that the emergency personnel never have to use it. 


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