Political Crisis


Political crisis

Dear Editor,

None can deny that we are in the middle of a political crisis.  This crisis is more complicated than usual.  We can learn something valuable from this experience, if we will.  Back in the old days these disputes were settled with broadswords.  Now, we will settle using the legal profession, courts and the Congress.  There is a complicating factor, - politics.  Politics is mostly populated with self serving people who tend to complicate any issue to serve their own ends.  Yes, members of both parties do it, thanks to the attraction of getting something for nothing.  Somehow, we the people get left out of the

gainful part but are left with a bill (called The National Debt).  We are fast approaching the point where we will need to improve.  If we do not, we will find our nation in default, perhaps similar to “The Great Depression” of the 1930’s.  Greed of the politicians, abetted by unrestrained capitalism will be seen as the underlying cause.  “We The People” have “put up” with this abominable system for two centuries.  Maybe we can do better next time.  

— Jerry Baird


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