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Alexis Barker

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Weston County’s only representative on the Powder River Energy Foundation board of directors, Kathleen Tavegie, passed away on July 19. Her death left two openings for the county on the board, which can have up to 10 members, according to the foundation’s September newsletter. 

Tavegie was appointed as one of the original members of the board when it was formed. She was formally seated in 2008. 

“Kathleen was a well-rounded board member with longtime experience in the fields of human service, education and the arts,” said Jeff Bumgarner, PRECorp Foundation’s executive director. “Her knowledge and vision for helping those in need in rural northeast Wyoming will be greatly missed.” 

According to Bumgarner, the seat held by Tavegie will be left vacant until filled. He said that two candidates have stepped forward. 

“One didn’t meet the permanent resident requirement; the other is moving forward with our screening process, which mostly consists of a review of the candidates past work, current work, reasons for wanting
to join the board, community ties
and their ability to meet the time requirements of the position,” Bumgarner said. 

If that candidate passes the vetting process, he said, it is likely that he or she will be officially appointed in December. Bumgarner noted that successful candidates are recommended by the foundation board to the PRECorp board, which makes the actual appointments. 

“But, as I said, Weston County can have two seated directors on the board,” Bumgarner said. “If we get multiple candidates, that’s okay. However, we are limited to selecting no more than two from Weston County. So not everyone qualified that applies can be recommended to the PRECorp board. The foundation would have to narrow the field.” 

According to the foundation’s bylaws, the board consists of one director from each of the five counties (Weston, Campbell, Crook, Johnson and Sheridan counties), and there can be up to five additional at-large directors from those same five counties. 

“Directors must be 18 years of age or older and a permanent resident of the county from which he or she is chosen. Directors don’t have to be PRECorp members, however,” Bumgarner said. “The terms are three years, and successive terms are allowed. There is no term limit.” 

Board members can expect to spend one hour per month reading and preparing for monthly board meetings, one day every other month to attend the foundation’s in-person board meeting in Gillette, two hours every other month to attend telephone conference board meetings and additional time pre- and post-board meetings on assigned committees, community reconnaissance, helping with fundraising events and other tasks as needed. 

Interested persons should contact Bumgarner by calling 307-283-4905 or by emailing

“Anyone who is interested in representing Weston County on the foundation board, or just learning more about its charitable work should contact myself,” Bumgarner said. 

According to the foundation’s bylaws, the purpose of the foundation is to be the “accumulation and disbursement of funds for charitable purposes in the service area of Powder River Energy Corporation.” The foundation is a non-profit entity. 

Funding for the foundation is done through rules and regulations as may be “promulgated” by the board of directors of PRECorp and through other fundraising means. 


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