Legislature is more liberal than D.C.


Dear Editor,

We have earned headlines in Forbes magazine which state, “Wyoming Republicans are More Liberal than Washington Democrats.” 

I’ve counted 19 bills for taxes our Wyoming legislators have entered. They are increased taxes, new taxes, mils and additional fees. State income tax, sales tax, service tax, gas tax, property tax, the list goes on beyond what you can imagine and many being put in place with regular increases for years to come! 

And, what about our rights? The anti-discrimination bill for sexual orientation and gender identification is back again and co-sponsored by our local representative. I am definitely for equal rights for all. Unfortunately, the anti-discrimination law develops special rights and privileges for some and ties the hands of others. 

Oh, and how many cannabis/marijuana related bills is our representative sponsoring and co-sponsoring? There is a pathway to legalizing marijuana and this legislation walks us down that path. NORMAL is a huge organization that explains how to normalize marijuana until it becomes legal. This is the process that took place in the states where it is now legal. Please look at the impact it has had on the children in Colorado as well as the schools, hospitals and justice system. Talk to the people who have moved to our cozy community to get away from it and talk to your local police about their concerns. 

Wyoming, wake up, and get involved. These are not Republican platforms and they certainly don’t represent me. Look at the bills, who sponsors them and co-sponsors them for yourself at wyoleg.gov and start making phone calls. You can still make a difference   

—Sherri Davis 

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