It is time to come up with a new “ism”


Dear Editor,

Let’s get one thing straight before the beginning of any “discussion.” (Re: Socialism failed in all forms decades ago, March 7, 2019, page three.)

If the billionaires and their lackey politicians would just pay their taxes at exactly the same rate as the working man or woman with no exceptions, no exclusions and no secret off-shore bank accounts, this and any previous letters on the subject would have been entirely unnecessary.  

There is nothing “Socialistic”  about all playing by the same rules!

Our decaying Rust Belt and the East German Wall coming down bears mute testimony to the abject  failure of Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism. Either we choose to keep the economies “as is” or find and institute a more humane way to run our country.   

We seem unable to recruit or even find people with the qualifications to execute such a change.  

Have we really tried?

Some might suggest a Constitutional Convention and starting all over again. The great grandsons and granddaughters of the charlatans who put us into this mess probably would find a way to spoil “the best laid plans.” They and others are the “Adversary de jure” since Cain and Abel made their mark on history.

Is there even any hope of civilizing this rowdy bunch we call “mankind?” The odds are long and the time is short. Load your muskets, but don’t shoot ‘till you see the whites of their eyes. 

—Jerry Baird

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