Father of the Year


Joslyn Pischke and father, Brian Pischke. 


very year the fourth grade teachers at Newcastle Elementary School assign their students an essay project explaining why their father should win the father of the year. The local Cowbelles organization then reads and judges the essays, picking out two runner-ups and one grand prize winner. The two students who win runner-up receive movie tickets for them and their father and the grand prize winner gets a gift certificate to the Pizza Barn.


Grand Prize

Mrs. Giesler’s Class

By Joslyn Pischke


My dad, Brian Pischke, is more than my dad, he is my best friend. He never stops believing in me. He is the best dad I could ever ask for!

My dad is amazing! Every second of his spare time he spends it with me. He is funny beyond compare! When I have a bad day, I look forward to seeing him, and his jokes and kindness make me forget all about being sad. He’s the most caring man ever. When I’m having trouble he drops what he’s doing immediately and helps me.

Together we do everything. We go exploring in the woods, jump on the trampoline, we fish and hunt, and we pick the best wildflowers. We joke and laugh through everything. 

My dad is my dream dad! He is the kindest man ever. He’s my knight in shining armor, and he is my partner in crime, but most importantly, he’s my Dad!


classroom winner

Mrs. Liggett’s Class

By Lainee Lewis


Why my father should win best father of the year: My daddy, James Russel Lewis, or “JR” as everybody calls him, is the best dad ever! He is loyal, supportive, loving, and hard-working. He is willing to do anything for our family, and he shows us that daily. 

He is currently working through the Pandemic, (or Covid 19) to provide for us. 

With anything new I try, he tells me; “Anything you do you are good at, so I say go for it!” 

Whenever my siblings or I are in need, he is always right there with us. He will never turn his back on his family and does anything and everything in his power to protect us. 

These are all good qualities a father of the year should have, and my father has all of these plus many, many, more! I love you Daddy!


classroom winner

Mrs. Jones’ Class

By Zadyn Allen


My dad, Troy Allen, should be Father of the Year because when we want to be great at something he helps us work towards it. For example, my dad goes to the soccer field with me so I can get better and better. He goes to basketball with Kyan so, he can be great at it too.

He is also very kind, helpful, amazing, goofy, and my hero. 

He is a hero because when something is wrong he tries to cheer everyone up and works hard to have our home be protected by building a fence. 

Next, he is strong; he works out with Kyan and I, we have so much fun because of him! 

Finally, my dad is the best because all those things, I could never ask for a better one, he is No. 1!


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