Cow Gas


Cow Gas


It seems I need to set
folks straight,

The cows, they do
not flatulate.

When the truth does come to pass,

Everyone will know they belch their methane gas.


They’ll realize too, bovines do far more good than harm,

Utilizing lands that no one
can farm.

The do-gooders need to also be made aware,

That cows prevent more fires than
Smokey Bear.


A little bit of basic biology for dummies,

Cows process food with their four tummies.

But those who’ve hated cows longer than they have Donald Trump,

Ignore that like they do the gas emitted from a vegan’s rump.


And unlike the gangrene new deal of AOC,

Cows will do their beneficial work for free.

With their miraculous system
of rumination,

They help feed crowds across the nation.


If we do away with cars and planes and cows,

What will be used to pull these genius’ plows?

For sure they couldn’t use a good old horse,

Cause those critters do flatulate of course.


It might seem logical to those seemingly insane,

To use kangaroos, who supposedly don’t make methane.

This could be the answer for those with climate change views,

To do their farming with the help of roos.


Now please do not consider me dense, I know that’s unfeasible and doesn’t makes sense,

But it’s closer to being something real, than most of the contents of the gangrene new deal.


Jim Darlington

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