Climate change is nothing new


Climate Change is nothing new


Dear Editor, 

Jerry Baird’s letter in the October 10 NLJ prompts me to rebut. The “Dirty Thirties” were a disaster, but the dry weather and heat were not caused by man. There were some people who were able to wait this out — many ranchers and farmers whose families still live in this country. There has been climate change since the earth was formed and most of that time there was no oil, gas or coal in use. As I have said before, it is very arrogant to think we can regulate climate. Even if we could, I am not willing to bankrupt our state or nation in this feeble attempt. The rest of the world has no plan to change the way it does business. I do agree that Wyoming should try to rely less on mineral for income. People who are averse to oil, gas and coal for energy should advocate for nuclear power. 


Jean Harshbarger

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