Climate catastrophe


Climate catastrophe

Dear Editor

In this letter “we” refers to the world population.

We are fast approaching a climate catastrophe.  If we hurry and do enough of the “right thing” right away we will perhaps avoid the worst part.  Unfortunately, the “right thing”  to do will meet with much
vociferous resistance.:   1. Stop producing and 2. stop using fossil fuels!  That will take our economy down about 90 notches!  We will likely find ourselves with a citizen revolt on our hands!   After all, they are accustomed to having an almost free ride and will disapprove of anything that might interfere with that.  I can’t say that I blame them but never-the-less, strong measures must be taken.  The two general
categories that must be addressed are production and consumption of energy.  Neither category will be easily addressed.  There are several methods of finding or creating energy without burning fossil fuel.  None as easy or efficient as the way we have it now.  But, fossil fuels are killing us.  Speaking of efficiency, we could do a lot better job in that field.  The number of ways we waste energy is staggering.  “Waste Not, Want Not!”  It has to be our new mantra!  Prohibitive Pricing would motivate thrifty habits. We will have to encourage others around the world to join us.  The current state of political affairs will make this a real challenge. Do we have any other options? 

Jerry Baird                       

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