Civics 101


Civics 101

Dear Editor,

I hate to write letters but here goes. Civics 101. Governor orders are not law. He is in the executive branch of government. He is to enforce them, not write them. To all law enforcement officers this is for your information go read 18 US Code - section 242 about enforcing Color of Law Orders. Follow the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.We need to use common sense during this time. We don’t need a nanny state taking away our rights and liberties. To all you do-gooders who like to turn people in, if it’s not affecting you personally, eg. infringing distancing in your personal space, mind your own damn business. Social justice warriors aren’t tolerated by me. I call you out on it if you are doing this type of behavior.

Corey Pillen

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