Capitalism is good


Dear Editor,

Jerry Baird continues to rail against capitalism in this latest letter. There is a story that in the 1700s only the queen could afford silk stockings because no one else had the money. There were people around who had new ideas and over a period of time processes were developed to make them cheaper and in greater quantity. This was capitalism in operation because someone found a way to make them cheaper and better. The process continued until nylon was invented and stockings became very cheap.

In the present time, only the rich people could afford a Cadillac. Production methods changed and now a KIA can be bought with equal or better features for about a third the price of a Cadillac. Another example of capitalism.

It is common to think of Norway and Sweden as socialistic countries, but they are very strong capitalistic countries with high taxes. That is the only way they can afford their socialistic programs. They are small countries of less than 10 million people compared to 330 million in the U.S., and their people are mostly of one race so they are willing to pay high taxes for the benefits they receive. The only way socialism can work is to start from capitalism until they run out of money and then they revert to one man rulerships like Cuba and Venezuela.

— Don Thorson

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