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Alexis Barker

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Weston County District Court Clerk Gidget Macke, right, poses for a selfie with her daughters Kaitlin and Brooklin prior to being diagnosed with face and neck cancer. 

Alexis Barker

NLJ News Editor


To help lessen the burden cancer brings along with it, Gidget Macke’s friends, Anna Coy, Jaimini Patel and Francie Gregory, have come together to host a benefit for the Weston County District Court clerk, scheduled for Saturday at the Fountain Inn Restaurant.  Beginning at 6 p.m., the evening will feature a meal along with live and silent auctions. Both of Gidget’s daughters, Kaitlin and Brooklin, and other friends have also come together to help get donations for the auctions. 

According to Macke’s daughter, Kaitlin, Macke is currently battling head and neck cancer. 

“She had a tumor removed from her cheek at the end of June and had a bone graft from a non-weight-bearing bone in her lower leg. Then skin grafts from both thighs and one shin,” Kaitlin said. “Right now she is doing chemo therapy in Gillette. Sometime after chemo she’ll start reconstructive surgeries.” 

All proceeds from the benefit will go towards lessening the impact of cancer on Macke’s life. 

“It was Anna Coy’s idea and I immediately said yes, it was a great idea, and I would help,” Gregory said. “I have known her my entire life. We grew up playing as neighborhood kids and she is also the board of director chair and has been for 20 years at the Weston County Children’s Center.” 

Deputy County Clerk Tina Cote said,  “Gidget is just a fantastic, wonderful person that is so kind-hearted, and there for anyone in any aspect of their life, so it was easy to jump in and help with the benefit to lessen the burden on a friend and co-worker.“

Macke has been the one her co-workers look to when they need help, Cote added.

“We have always looked to her for guidance in whatever we do. She is an excellent employer and in that aspect not having her here is rough. We want to confer with her but we are maintaining here at work so she isn’t stressed or feeling guilty about being gone,” Cote said. 

As for the benefit, both ladies agreed that the outpouring amount of support from the community has been amazing. 

“It has been overwhelming for not only Gidget, but us here in the office as well. Each individual office in the courthouse is putting together baskets for the auction and just about every business in town has contributed in some way,” Cote said. 

“That is what we do here, this little town rallies behind others,” Gregory added. 

Both Gregory and Cote said they are thrilled to see the community come together to support their dear friend in her time of need, but at the same time they would like to remind everyone who plans to attend that they should be cautious when interacting with Macke so she does not contact any other illness.


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