All-school reunion


All-school reunion

   Dear Editor,

I was informed by some of my classmates that the 2020 All-School Reunion was being cancelled. As an alumni and graduate of the class of 1965, I can’t tell you how disappointed and sad my classmates and I are at this decision. I have attended every one of the All-School reunions and we all looked forward with excitement and anticipation to see our old friends and relatives. The celebration was not only the birth of our nation but renewal of old friendships and a journey back in time. They were always well attended, drawing several hundred if not a couple thousand. I would hope that the cancellation decision was a community decision and not made by a few people on social media making a post with 30 comments in reply.

Was there a public meeting? Did anyone contact the restaurant owner who has been selling a dozen curbside meals a day during this shutdown? Did they talk to the waitress that has been furloughed for the last two months and was hoping for a great summer and 4th of July to catch up on back car
payments or rent? Did they talk to the bar owner who has been in lockdown for two months and see how much he was counting on this celebration to help offset his losses? Did they talk to the bartender that was hoping for a heavy tipping weekend to sock a little money away for kids’ school clothes and supplies in August? Did they poll the local motels and see how many reservations would be cancelled and what kind of impact that was going to have on their business? Did they talk with the motel maid to see how she would be affected, hoping to get some overtime or extra rooms to clean? Did they talk with all the small business owners that have been shuttered as NON-ESSENTIAL for the last two months and were looking to recoup some of their losses over a once every five year economic shot in the arm? Surely they visited with the Newcastle City Council to find out how much revenue the city would lose in fuel tax, lodging tax and sales tax over the three-day 4th of July reunion and celebration? If not I would hope that the powers that be would reconsider this decision and find out how the city will miss this wonderful celebration and move forward with their plans to have it.

    -Bob Graham

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