10.11.18 Newcastle City Council Minutes




OCTOBER 1, 2018


Mayor Debra Piana called this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council to order at 7:00 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Piana; Council members Roger Hespe, Michael Alexander, Steve Ladwig, Tom Voss and Todd Quigley.  Councilman Don Steveson was absent.  Also present were Department Heads City Police Chief Jim Owens, City Engineer Mike Moore, City Attorney Jim Peck and City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James.  

APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Todd Quigley moved, seconded Tom Voss to approve the agenda as amended, deleting approval of suspension of the open container ordinance.  Motion carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Roger Hespe moved, seconded Michael Alexander to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of Monday, September 17, 2018 as presented.  Motion carried.


1. Tasha Townsend and Martha Bickford for their efforts and organization of the Madness on Main event.

2. Sandy Dirkes, Frontier Home Ranch & Hardware for her support of the Farmer’s Market.




1. Denise Bradshaw, Weston County Emergency Manager/Homeland Security was present to update the Council on the progress of the Hazard Mitigation Plan. Should be ready for adoption the end of October. Ms. Bradshaw will make a presentation to the Council on October 15, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. regarding planning for long-term power outage.  


1. Tom Voss inquired about changing the ordinance to allow chickens in residential areas in Newcastle. Starting with the Planning and Zoning Board was suggested.  

2. Mayor Piana reported on attending the Weston County Travel Commission meeting and said not much was resolved. Mr. Bruce Perkins from the Travel Commission was present in the audience and answered a few questions and made a couple of clarifications.  

3. Mayor Piana read a thank you card from Becky and Stacy regarding the training given from Black Mountain Software.


1. City Engineer Mike Moore reported on the progress with the bike path and said the Wyoming Department of Transportation had extended the deadline to expend funds until the end of October. The Durapatcher for street repair is back and the crews are making good progress. The crews are working on Sheridan Street, placing roto-millings. The Neighborhood cleanups went well. He expressed thanks to the Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp Forestry crews for their work cleaning up along Cambria Creek and around the sewer lagoons. Mike also mentioned tree removal along Summit Street. Mr. Moore also noted the building permit fees so far were approximately $27,000.00 so far this year.

2. City Police Chief Jim Owens reported on calls for service and recommend Officer Smellie be given back pay for being recognized by Post for his Advanced Level from March 17,  2018.  Previously back pay had been awarded from August 12, 2018.  This would cover from March 17, 2018 to August 12, 2018. Tom Voss moved, seconded Roger Hespe to approve this back pay.  Chief Owens reported the reason for the delay was on Post’s end. Motion carried.

3. City Attorney Jim Peck reported on the sale of the commercial lots, and residential lots the City has/had for sale. He also reported contact with Wyoming DEQ reference the buried fuel tank. Apparently they will treat the situation as an orphaned tank.

4. City Clerk/Treasurer Greg James reported on the slate of candidates recommended for the Local Government Liability Pool Board and there was brief discussion reference the Wyoming Community Gas funds. Tom Voss moved, seconded Roger Hespe to continue setting these funds aside for replacing the restrooms at Dow Park. Motion carried.



Tom Voss moved, seconded Michael Alexander to pay the claims against the City dated October 1, 2018.  Motion carried.  Roger Hespe moved, seconded Steve Ladwig to adjourn this regular meeting of the Newcastle City Council at 7:50 p.m.  Meeting stands adjourned.


Claims: 21 Electric, repairs, $1155.00; Ad-Pro Office Supply, office supplies, $246.62; Alpha Communications, September 2018 tower rent, $95.00; Bearlodge Engineering & Surveying, project engineering/design/layout/survey, $2267.50; Black Hills Energy, natural gas and electricity, $13,727.17; Black Mountain Software, utility billing training, $4606.69; Anna Blackford, water deposit refund, $92.43; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, employee medical insurance, $32,444.58; Bob Dilts, refund dog tag, $18.00; Century Link, E-911 service, $965.83; City of Newcastle, postage/WA/SW/GA, $911.29; Croell, Inc., concrete, $790.00; Dale’s Tire & Retreading, Inc., tires, $1503.92; Danny & Julie Benshoof, water deposit refund, $100.00; Denise McCoy, repair damaged headstone, $159.00; Double D Obsolete Parts, materials--FD, $40.30; R. Douglas Dumbrill, October 2018 municipal judge, $1076.30; Eastern Wyoming Equipment Co., parts—PD, $267.86; Energy Laboratories, Inc., water sample testing, $449.00; Farnsworth Services Co., Inc., portable sanitation/water line cleaning, $1825.00; FOCUS, Family Violence Center, 1st quarter payment, $1625.00; Foremost Promotions, hats—FD, $310.00; Hansen Equipment Co., Inc., parts, $80.00; Curtis Hebbring, water deposit refund, $77.69; Jerry Post, PSY.D., pre-employment, PD, $400.00; Michael Keil, water deposit refund, $54.51; Samuel Keller, water deposit refund, $56.45; Sharon Laurence, water deposit refund, &81.87; Mastercard, fuel/travel/supplies—engineer and PD, $3673.08; Modern Marketing, Inc., glow bracelets—PD, $197.80; Mountain View Plumbing & Contracting, install expansion tanks, $498.00; Gustov Munoz, water deposit refund, $127.28; Newcastle Ambulance Service, October 2018 ambulance service, $8333.33; Newcastle Area Chamber of Commerce, 1st quarter payment, $3250.00; Newcastle Fire Suppression, LLC, PD extinguisher inspection, $28.29; Merle Nicolls, water deposit refund, $100.00; Normont Equipment Co., Durapatcher rental & emulsion, $13,412.50; Northern Technologies, LLC, density testing, $838.75; Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center, Inc., 1st quarter payment, $1625.00; James M. Peck, October 2018 attorney fees, $2800.00; Jerry N. Price, water deposit refund, $92.73; Productivity Plus Account, parts kit, $67.00; Renegade Paint & Pipes, muffler repair, $387.50; Respond First Aid Systems, PD first aid supplies, $80.86; Genell Rothleutner, training mileage/PD cleaning, $382.03; Kristina Russell, reimburse CDL, $80.00; Simon Contracting, repair S. Summit, $28,027.55; Bryand Streeter, October 2018 airport wages, $1158.75; Top Office Products, Inc., PD copy charge, $106.44; Turbiville Industrial Electric, repair pump motor, $854.27; Two Way Radio Service, Inc., FD radio repair, $660.00; Verizon, cell phones, $520.41; Becky Vodopich, city office cleaning, $360.50; Voelker’s Autobody/Glass, tires/repair Tommy lift, $544.20; W&S Construction, concession stand/Stampede St., $15,265.60; Weston County Children’s Center, 1st quarter payment, $2250.00; Weston County Treasurer, tax handling fee/city share utilities, $1179.99; Weston County humane Society, 1st quarter payment, $4250.00; Weston County Home Health, 1st quarter payment, $1500.00; Weston County School District #1, rec director wages, Sept. 2018 wages, $2402.91; Weston County Senior Services, 1st quarter payment, $7500.00; Wyoming Automotive Co., parts, $792.53.


Debra Piana, Mayor

ATTEST: City Clerk/Treasurer, Greg James


(Publish October 11, 2018)


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