Conspirators manipulate our natural competitiveness


Dear Editor,

The “War on Terror” has been a widely acknowledged, monumental, counterproductive disappointment.  The current, Minority President, it seems, did not get the message. Our endless wars in Afghanistan only serve to diminish the waning respect we might have had in that part of the world. At least we didn’t spray agent orange on their only cash crop – the Poppy Fields. Our utter destruction of Iraq and its people is an unacknowledged crime against humanity.

Is it interesting to anybody that the rise in our country of Neo-Nazi groups just happened to coincide with the rise of the Koch brothers sponsored Tea Party, and the subsequent election of a minority President?

These observations are not the result of dogged research or clever sleuthing. They have been splashed all over world and US newspapers, burned into our eyeballs by TV news broadcasts and left our ears ringing from the rantings of “hate radio?”  We must wake up to the fact that we are being led, lemming like, into a dystopia serving the Midas-like demands of the one percent.

Both political parties have been duped into blaming each other for any wrongs perceived by the electorate. The brouhaha engendered by these accusations thoroughly mask the grand larceny in which individual politicians engage.

It seems everything social, economic or political that happens to us and everything we do to others stems from one or the other of two causes:

1. The desire to be the boss, not bossed.

2. The desire to get, have and keep material.

By and large we are all naturally ‘hard wired’ that way from birth and consequently destined to be in conflict with each other. It is our nature. There are are few, if any, exceptions. Clever devils that we are, we devised and organized special groups (political parties) that ostensibly  support these thoughts. Can you recognize any hostile competitors from these groups? Men and women, cattlemen and Indians, Republicans and Democrats, Socialists and Capitalists, North and South, KKK & African-Americans? I don’t even need to list the arguments. You already have unthinkingly used them so often they are burned into your memory.

How can we improve our allotted time on this planet without making some change? Very simple, we can not! We can not keep doing the same thing or thinking the same thoughts over and over, and expect any change. But, if change does not come, we all fall down. Some Sage Advice from the Oldtimers: “Don’t try to bargain with the inevitable.”

We will have to give the one percent credit for cleverly tricking us into accusing each other of high crimes and misdemeanors. It takes the attention and heat off of them.

It may be time to get the feathers ready and the tar pot warmed up for the comeuppance that the one percent so richly deserves. The countries in South America are leading the way, but they are only inflicting long prison terms. Do you want to let our ‘perps’ off that easy?

Tar and feathers seems more appropriate.

—Jerry Baird


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